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Ridden Coaching

Ridden coaching is available for all levels from novice to experienced competition riders. Coaching methods are based on Mary Wanless "Ride With Your Mind" approach which aims to give the rider the skills to organise their body in a way which works in partnership with the horse.

These coaching techniques are designed to help you understand how you ride bio-mechanically and how this influences the horse. By becoming aware of what your body is doing whilst your riding, significant improvements can be made to every horse and rider combination.

The coaching methods are interactive and work very well with riders who may have confidence issues.

Ann-Marie is a Level 1 accredited "Ride with your Mind" coach with Mary Wanless and further information can be found on the Ride With Your Mind website

"From having green, bargy and flighty horse who, despite been previously backed, was highly unsafe to be ridden and at times handled, Ann-Marie has incrementally gradually helped me establish groundwork, long-lining and, finally, ridden work " Jenni, Powys

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